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Werkgever: NLwerkt
Adres: Schiphol-Rijk
Regio: Haarlemmermeer
Plaats: Schiphol
Land: NL

Are you the kind of Customer Care Specialist who excels at serving ‘High Care’ customers? Our loyal client collaborates with top international high-tech customers in the Netherlands. This entails being responsible for the end-to-end export of these products.


As part of your role, you will have the responsibility of managing the outsourced logistics flow of goods from customers, ensuring timely, accurate, and efficient handling. To thrive in this demanding position, the client prefers candidates with a minimum of three years of experience as an Air Freight Forwarder.

Your key responsibilities will include:

  • Drafting and issuing transport instructions.
  • Preparing various documents, including customs transit documents, customs clearance documents, and transport documents.
  • Handling routine administrative tasks.
  • Processing incoming data, organizing files, and verifying externally prepared documents.
  • Collecting and maintaining data for internal networks.

These tasks require attention to detail, organizational skills, and the ability to work effectively within established processes and guidelines.