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Werkgever: NLwerkt
Adres: Venlo
Regio: Limburg
Plaats: Venlo
Land: NL

You are the assortment and vendor owner for a designated part of our European product assortment. You drive assortment and vendor development, maximizing profitability through the management of cost and selling prices. You optimize relationships, trading terms, and all product tenders. You are accountable for the performance of your assortment and vendors.

Cross-functional working is essential to manage assortment and vendor performance, your ability to plan and communicate assortment and vendor plans, as well as take ownership of problems with vendors, is crucial.
This role will require you to develop an assortment and vendor strategy for your product area, which supports the overall assortment and vendor strategy.

  • Developing the overall assortment strategy including product, selling price, and promotion.
  • Developing the vendor and sourcing strategy for your assortment, including cost/margin improvement, external market influences on cost, own brand sourcing, and rebates.
  • Defining assortment review and negotiation cycles, in line with market changes, to ensure assortment and cost prices are current, optimizing profit and sales opportunities.
  • Owning and sourcing the own brand assortment, defining the products, tender cycles, vendor selection, negotiation, and supply performance to ensure own brand products are available on time, and to the agreed specification.
  • Leading vendor negotiation, improving costs and contractual agreements to optimize profitability and manage cash flow.
  • Supporting the needs of all customers, including mid-large accounts which may require a specified assortment. Work with Sales to supply specified products, big deal/tender support requests, in line with agreed commercial criteria.
  • Managing all forms of contractual agreements; product lifecycles; forecasting spikes in demand and sell-through in line with stock targets.
  • Managing selling prices in line with the pricing strategy and each country’s price position index
  • Building strong relationships internally and externally, influencing key stakeholders to execute all assortment and vendor plans on time. Work in close collaboration with Vendors, Merchandising and Product Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, and Finance to maximize business results.