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Werkgever: NLwerkt
Adres: Beringe
Regio: Peel en Maas
Plaats: Beringe
Land: NL

DHL, the world’s largest logistics service provider, offers various opportunities for full-time and part-time positions as a Warehouse Employee at their Beringe location. Whether you are available for short-term or long-term periods, at DHL, you’ll work together with your colleagues to ensure all customers remain satisfied.

During a typical working day, which starts between 06:00 AM and 09:00 AM, you arrive at work 10 minutes beforehand. When trucks arrive, you and your colleagues unload the cargo using electric pallet trucks (EPT) and hand scanners or manually. Then, you place the products on the shelves, often utilizing EPTs or reach trucks. Once orders are received, the order pickers get to work using EPTs or trolleys to gather the items. The order packers ensure that the collected orders are ready for shipment, while the team members load the orders properly into the trucks. Thanks to the excellent collaboration among all colleagues, everyone finishes their workday promptly.

For certain roles, possessing a certificate for operating an EPT, reach truck, or forklift is necessary. However, don’t worry if you don’t have these certifications yet, as DHL offers the opportunity to obtain them at no cost through Olympia! If you wish to be part of this dynamic team and are available in the short term, continue reading for more information on the process and how you can start your journey as a Warehouse Employee at DHL.