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Werkgever: Sitly
Adres: Amstelveen
Regio: Noord-Holland
Plaats: Amstelveen
Land: NL
We just relocated to Amsterdam 2 weeks ago. I’m working part-time so I’m looking for a nanny mostly for mornings, on Thursday for morning and afternoon. My daughter is 1 year 10 months, her name is Anfisa. Recently she started to talk a lot (we speak Russian and English). She has favorite books – now they are about doctors. Dogs and foxes are her favorite toys. She can do some puzzles, likes to draw, play with stickers. She is an active child, likes to walk outside. Since we moved from Turkey she is still adapting to weather. Sometimes refuses to go outside or wear jacket. We live in Amstelveen, planing to move to another apartment in a month or so.