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Werkgever: Sitly
Adres: Amsterdam
Regio: Noord-Holland
Plaats: Amsterdam
Land: NL
Hello everyone. We are George (Greek, 41) and Monika (32, Polish) and we have a lovely baby boy. We are both professionals and we love going out with our baby, but usually at around 7pm he is in bed already. So, occasionally, we would need someone to be at home, when we want to go to dinner or a drink after that time (which is a long time since we did last)!!! He usually sleeps for 2 to 3 hrs straight, will wake up for a feed and go back to sleep easily. So, no fuss really.

We don’t need someone on a regular basis, it is more random (maybe twice a month for a few hours (eg 7-11pm), obviously with an early notice (we won’t call you the same day)!

If that sounds ok, please let us know!