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Werkgever: Sitly
Adres: Den Haag
Regio: Zuid-Holland
Plaats: Den Haag
Land: NL

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Hi everyone,

we are a family with two funny, curious and open sons, Wim and Matian, from Germany and just moved to the Hague, Leyenburg. Wim will attend school and Matian is enrolled in a Peuterschool. My husband works as a project manager for an IT company and I am a part time project manager for a research project at a Germany University.

As we both work, we need some help to cover after school hours. It would be great to find someone energetic, creative and reliable who could pick up the younger one from Peuterschool at 12, play with him and then pick up Wim from school at 15 on two or three days a week (we both work from home and our working times are quite flexible, so we can discuss the specific days and hours).

As we all are still learning Dutch, it would be great to find a Dutch speaking person. Our boys like to be outside, riding the bike, but also enjoy reading books… Our apartment is quite spaceous, so depending on weather and mood, you could go outside or stay at ho


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